Installing an ECOROCK solution to meet the standards of an eco-sustainable villa in Italy

Installing an ECOROCK solution to meet the standards of an eco-sustainable villa in Italy

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The structure and the environmental context

Situation analysis

In letter Q there is a circle, which wraps and surrounds just like the spaces of a home for a family, and a line that descends, which softly turns towards the sea.

And in this letter lies the inspiration of "Residence Q", the name of a project by the architect Valeria Aretusi, an eco-sustainable villa between olive trees and the sea, a wooden residence that combines Nordic minimalism with a Mediterranean touch.

Residenza Q, now selected among the 70 "Best International houses" on display at the Venice Architecture Biennale, and recently selected by Ad Case Magazine, is a single-family villa located in Roseto Degli Abruzzi and specifically in Piana Grande, on the slopes of the medieval village of Montepagano, on a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea of ​​Abruzzo.

Residenza Q is located where an old ruin was previously located, it is not connected to the public sewer system, and therefore requires a purification plant for the discharge of wastewater. 

Analysis of the intervention and installation scheme

Proposed solution

Residence Q is a project with a strong eco-sustainable imprint, the aesthetics interact with the landscape, and every choice relating to materials, systems, and organization of spaces is aimed at harmonious and respectful integration with nature.

The style and approach of the architect Aretusi have therefore found in our ECOROCK system, a type of wastewater treatment plant that imitates natural processes and does not require the use of electricity, the most suitable solution for his needs.

The logic of the completely eco-friendly operation of our plant, and the possibility of recovering water, giving it new life and destination, in garden irrigation; therefore led the architect Aretusi to choose our system solution.

ECOROCK is a compact solution, ready to use, and with minimal maintenance requirements. It achieves purification standards far beyond the legal limits, guaranteeing both regulatory compliance and the reintegration of a safe, clean, and odorless resource for the environment.

To date the villa, owned by the Ferretti family and divided into two areas to be allocated respectively to the family and the company (with an open space on two levels for the presentation of confectionery products), it is permanently inhabited for almost a year and can testify to the reliability and effectiveness of our plant.