High groundwater site conditions

High groundwater site conditions

Posted on 31 Jan 2013 by Biorock

Installation of wastewater treatment plants in high groundwater site conditions

Specific site conditions: BIOROCK non-electrical sewage treatment plants are unlike other wastewater treatment systems and are perfectly suitable for high groundwater conditions. BIOROCK plants can be installed in the high water tables or high groundwater sites by one of our trained installers.

Our Research and Development team worked hard to find the best design to fit difficult UK installation conditions. The result of this work is a complete reinforced system that will resist high groundwater pressure where the water reaches higher than the bottom of the tank. To be perfectly sure that our tanks won’t bend because of underground pressures of any kind, we conducted special testing in swimming pools and designed our reinforcements accordingly to the results of this survey. BIOROCK tanks won’t bend, crack or pop up; they have been designed in order not to.

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