MULTIROCK System installed for wastewater treatment of a new touristic resort on Greek Islands

MONOBLOCK-2 compact wastewater treatment system installed in Poland

Residential Onsite Septic System installed at an old dwelling in Italy

MONOBLOCK-3 Sewage Plant at a New Self-Build 4 bedroom-house in the UK

Outdated septic tank replaced by a BIOROCK septic system in Italy

Small Communal Wastewater Treatment System, Sweden

New MONOBLOCK compact Onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant installed in the Baltics

Above ground wastewater treatment plant, North of Stockholm, Sweden

Chief’s Camp Staff Village: Containerized Wastewater Treatment Solition, Botswana, Africa

Septic tank replacement with a BIOROCK onsite wastewater treatment plant, Estonia

BIOROCK septic system serving an eco-friendly family house in Estonia

BIOROCK-S + 2000L Primary Tank +Pumping to a drainage field.